Chapter Meetings


CSI Fresno May 15, 2018 Member Meeting Field Trip to INTERTEK

CLICK HERE To Register

Deadline to Register is May 10th - Limited to 30

Location: PESC
Address: 4747 N. First Street, Suite #140
Fresno, CA 93710

Reservation Contact: Adrianne Davis, Director of Administration

Telephone Number: 800-743-1890

Board Meeting: 2nd Tuesday Time: 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Address: 4747 N. First Street, Suite #140
Fresno, CA 93726


Date Meeting Topic Link to Event
09-12-17 Pub Quiz
06-27-17 2017 Summer Party
05-16-17 Masonry Products Plant Tour
03-21-17 The Benefits Of Proper Commissioning
02-21-17 Horizontal Sliding Fire Doors In A Means Of Egress
01-17-17 Mock Student Competition Presentations
11-15-16 Building Envelope Design Specs & Air Barrier Performance Level
(ASTM E2357 Vs. E1677)
10-21-16 Scoping Accessible Alterations
09-20-16 Inaugural Pub Quiz
07-12-16 2016 Summer Party
05-31-16 Tour of Boris Elementary School 
03-15-16 Roof Edge Performance
02-16-16 Facility Tour of Monster City Studios
01-18-16 Associated School Of Construction Student Competition
Fresno State Teams
11-17-15 Achieving Energy Efficient Roofing With Building Integrated Photovoltaics, Green Roofs And Energy Star Design
10-20-15 Why Masonry?
09-15-15 Fresno Chaffee Zoo African Adventure Exhibit Project Tour
06-16-15 2015 Summer Party
05-19-15 Architecture In The Raw | Bullard High School Classroom Building Technical Tour
03-17-15 Tour With First 5 - “Lighthouse For Children
02-17-15 Architectural Innovations In Venetian Plaster Wall Systems
01-20-15 Field Trip To Architectural Testing
11-18-14 Advanced Solar Façade Design
10-21-14 Fundamentals Of Architectural Acoustics & Noise Controls
09-16-14 The Next Generation of Electronic Access Control Door Opening Solutions